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How Much is Your Data Worth?

One of the questions we always ask new clients is “Do you backup your data?”. 3 out of 5 would simply answer “No” or “No, but I know I should”. Of those that do answer “Yes”, we then ask how often do they run a backup and do they ever check the backup for consistency. These…

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Case Study: IT Solution For A Non-Profit Organisation

Not for Profit A not-for-profit organisation had over the past couple of years upgraded their systems to include a Windows Small Business Server and several workstations. This work had been performed by another I.T. firm. This organisation uses QuickBooks for their accounting software and some proprietary software to track member’s status, enquiries and payments. They…

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Why it is important to keep your anti-virus up to date?

Wrighton Computer Services – Helping protect your computer. For many, they are satisfied and confident with the mere fact that they have an anti-virus that is installed in their computers and gadgets. Is it really so wrong not to regularly check and/or update the anti-virus? If the latest virus definition is not obtained, does this…

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3 Simple Tasks To Instantly Speed Up Your PC

Have you noticed over the months that your computer seems to be getting slower and slower? Before you start cursing and accusing the sales person or the manufacturer of your computer because you are thinking that you bought one that is not durable, you might want to check out the tips below. Almost all computers…

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