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IT Manager, Senior IT Consultant

Edward Wright

Owner & Director We help business owners do what they do best – Run their business!


Leeann Wright

Administration and Accounts

IT Manager, Senior IT Consultant


Intelligent, honest and practical, Edward Wright is the Owner and Director of Wrighton Computer Services Pty Ltd. By focusing on implementing and managing the right I.T. infrastructure, resources and solutions to small to medium businesses, we help business owners do what they do best – Run their business!

Prior to beginning the Wrighton Computer Services Legacy, Edward had worked in the corporate sector for BlueScope Steel in a variety of roles, initially – far from the I.T. industry – Edward completed his trade as a fully qualified Fitter and Machinist. On completion of this qualification, and with his work ethics, he quickly fell into a sales & marketing role within the organisation. This led to being more involved with other departments in the organisation such as operations, transport and sales, and formed the early ties with evolving Business Systems area.

Because of his vast knowledge of the business, Edward was called upon for many specialty roles including customer liaisons, systems development, and user support. Later on he managed various process development and integrations in preparation for a new mainframe system. Over the years, the roles also included managing teams of between 5 and 50 staff across multiple operation sites.

By 2007, there were many changes on the horizon. Recently married the previous year and now with a new born daughter, a well-deserved extended break from the corporate life was needed. During this period, Wrighton Computer Services Pty Ltd was founded which was to be the next chapter for Edward and his family.

With a practical approach to each issue and situation, Edward has been able to assist many businesses and individual users. With a focus on customer service and understanding, he receives constant praises from his clients and contacts. He also brings with him some great learnings and experiences from his corporate life.

Thanks to the hard work invested by Edward, Wrighton Computer Services is a proven leader in the small business I.T. market, delivering high levels of customer service and knowledge to clients.