Fake versions of Flappy Bird containing malware on app stores

The game Flappy Bird was one of the most popular apps during its run but you’ve no doubt heard by now that the creator of the game took it down, citing personal reasons.

However, since the removal of this game, due to its immense popularity, many other developers have attempted to make something similar, hoping to cash in on its success. While some of these are harmless, there are many malicious versions and it’s difficult to tell which ones are which as some of the malicious versions have ended up on the top rated games.

You should avoid any app which claims to be or resembles Flappy Bird as it is simply not worth the risk. If you think you may have already installed a malicious version of Flappy Bird, uninstall it from your phone immediately and make sure you take note of any suspicious activity on your phone or phone bill.

How to Avoid Malicious Apps

While it is always difficult to differentiate malicious from safe, there are some things you can keep in mind to make it easier. For instance, if the app has been on the store a long time it is more likely to be safe because Android and Apple both have systems set in place for removing malicious apps.  They can sneak past the security and end up on the store every now and then but they don’t often stay up for very long before they are detected.

Make sure also to read reviews but more importantly, to look at how many reviews there are because if there are only a few, they could easily be fake ones.

Also, check what the app has permission to use. For instance, some apps should not require permission to access your Facebook or send SMS etc. so if it seems suspicious, it probably is.

Finally, many malicious apps are uploaded by someone pretending to be a fake developer by using a similar logo or name. If you are not sure whether an app is by the developer it claims to be by, you can always make sure it’s them by going to their website (which any reputable developer should have) and searching for the app there.

Android users have the extra option of installing security protection on their devices. It won’t remove existing malware but will alert you if an app you try to download looks suspicious. Remember to do your research and find a reputable one.

Lastly, just be careful and patient. If you are not sure the app you’re installing is legitimate, don’t install it. Take your time and find highly ranked apps from a reputable developer and always read reviews.

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