Online Backup Solution

WrightOnline (Online Backup Solution)

Did you know that ALL hardware will fail?

This includes hard drives, tape drives and media, USB sticks and other fixed and removable media. Although it’s hard to predict just when! That’s an alarming 100% failure rate!

Data is the lifeblood of any business and the volume of data that an organisation has and stores is increasing rapidly. Unfortunately not many businesses perform regular backups of their critical data and systems and those that do don’t regularly check the backup for operation or consistency. This can result in the demise of the business should the worst happen.

A recent study in the U.S. has found that 43% of companies that experience significant data disasters never re-open and 29% close within 2 years.

Wrighton Computer Services has taken action to assist businesses with their data backups and can offer a managed service to ensure that critical databases, systems and personal data is securely backed up either off site or a combination of both local and off site backups.

By using your existing internet connection, we secure encrypt, compress and transmit your critical information to one of our backup servers at regular intervals (eg: nightly or weekly). We perform incremental backups, saving you money on communications, and have file versioning meaning we are able to store multiple versions of a particular file. We can also backup open files and databases.

Once the data has been sent to our server, we then replicate this to a second server which ensures that your data is safe and available to you should you need it.